Headshot Photography

We all know the importance of a first impression and professional headshot photography is a great way to create an outstanding first impression. Whether it be on your LinkedIn profile, your corporate website or even your company’s internal documents, a well lit professional headshot will make you stand out from the crowd.

I have created headshot images for all sizes of companies, from international brands right through to individual start-ups, and am highly experienced in creating these images on location, either with a ‘pop-up’ studio, or using the location itself as a backdrop.

There are different styles of headshot photography and this article is intended to help you select the style that is best for you and your brand. I will show some examples of different styles and discuss the pros and cons of each style.

1. Plain white background

Headshot photographs

This is a style we are all familiar with. A plain white background creates a clean, crisp, professional look. The viewers’ attention is entirely on the subject, there are no distractions.
This style is great for creating a consistent look and is particularly useful if headshot photographs need to be taken at different times or even at different locations as the studio and lighting set-ups can be replicated anywhere – the photographs above were all taken at different locations or at different times. It is also a great style for images that are going to be used as cut-outs.
It does have some disadvantages – because this is such a popular style of headshot photography, it is difficult to truly stand out. Some people also find this quite a stark, harsh look.

2. Colour or toned background

Corporate headshot photography

A variation on the first style – a professionally lit headshot with a colour or toned backdrop.
This still produces a crisp professional look but is perhaps slightly easier for the viewer.
Once again this can be used to create a consistent style across all company headshots and has the advantage of being able to be used with brand colours.
A disadvantage of using a colour background is that some colours do not compliment skin tones.

3. Location background

Location headshot photographs London

If you have a great looking office or amazing view, why not use this in your team headshots?
I love combining ambient light & studio lighting techniques to create a distinctive look that can work brilliantly with brand guidelines.
One advantage of this style is that it is entirely unique to your organisation, no-one else has that same backdrop. It can give a subtle insight into your company ethos and also creates a warmer, more approachable impression.
There are disadvantages – I know that not all offices are going to provide suitable backgrounds. Making use of views or nearby outdoor space also requires good weather which is far from guaranteed in the UK! If your headshots are going to be taken at multiple sites or at different times it is difficult to replicate this style to create a consistent look.

I hope that this information has been useful to you. I am highly experienced in headshot photography and am always happy to give advice. If you or your organisation are planning headshot photographs, please feel free to get in touch – info@danieljonesphotography.co.uk